Fellow Degenerates, Welcome.

Posted on July 27, 2010


If you have successfully found this site, chances are you are either a degenerate (like us), an idiot, or just bored.

For 15 years, the three of us have played sports together, talked about sports together, and bet on sports together. a lot. If it wasn’t for the fact that none of us knows how to use a computer, we may have started this blog years ago.

The main focus of this blog is purely for our own amusement. Hopefully we’ll entertain as many as we offend. And let’s be honest, we won’t care either way.

Each week, we’ll offer up our opinions on local and national sports stories, and give our commentary on anything we deem worthy of mentioning (be it sports, news, entertainment, etc).

Getting through the shenanigans of our blog will get you what you came for in the first place: our plays of the week. Some college, some professional, maybe some women’s softball, or Basque jai alai, but nevertheless, they’ll be the picks that WE’RE CISED FOR each week.

We know you all are probably greedy little bastards, and we are well aware that football season is fast approaching. Be patient while we work out the kinks, you’ll be cised that you did.