Posted on August 13, 2010


While we’re trying to get some sort of following for our blog going beyond my girlfriend and my mom, We’re Cised For seriously came through for all you degenerates Thursday night.  If you were smart and took our stellar betting advice you would’ve had a great start to your weekend and come Monday, your book would be coming out of his pockets in a big way.

So, because we’re cised for our winners from last night, we have an added bonus for all you degenerates out there, whether you were smart enough to follow our picks or not.  I know we had a rough go of it last week with soccer, but since the actual English Premiership starts this weekend (not that nubbs second division bullshit), we have a play for you that looks good to us.  Take the over, 2 1/2 (-111), in the Tottenham v. Manchester City game.

We’re going to throw in a bonus pick as well for tonight’s preseason game featuring our local boys in burgundy and gold who are guaranteed to disappoint massively as they do every year, but I digress.  Take the Redskins in the first half at -2 1/2 (-115).

Unfortunately for us, fortunately for those who we would have ended up talking about, we have no debauchery to report but check back soon for stories from our weekend in the Big Apple.

Let us know how you degenerates did.