Cowboy Fan – Is This For Real?

Posted on August 18, 2010


Matthias must have been easing his way off a week-long bender when he Flip Video-ed himself singing this ridiculous song.  I am not sure if he is half in the bag or just a complete joke like the rest of the fairweather Cowboy fans are, but come on Redskins Nation……let’s get shit hammered and record our own fight song to rebut this bullshit!  Send your videos in and we will post the winner who will receive the highly coveted first place prize of a night with our boy Carter.  If you are a guy, that means drinking 30 Natty Lights.  If you are a chick, then better stay away from this contest unless you wanna get poked in the eye every five minutes by his ridiculous tooth pick.  See, we can put Carter’s name on this blog because he has yet to discover the internet, but to give him some credit, he has recently learned how to text message.

In a related story, Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian, and Tony Romo hit the web with the latest celeb sex tape.  Unfortunately Kim was filming the whole time so all you can see is Romo and Austin high-fiving while playing tummy sticks.


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