Ambien and the EPL

Posted on August 20, 2010


What’s up, fellow degenerates? I tend to begin my English Premiere League gambling with the BBC Sports guy, “Lawro’s Predictions”. He is usually on point, as you can see with his week 1 record. If you have any extra money to play with, I would take the Gunners (Arsenal) to win at home against the newly promoted Blackpool side. If you’re really cised to make a play, take the over (2 1/2 +120) in the Birmingham V Blackburn game.

Lastly, my fellow degenerates, I’m definitely taking the Yankees tonight against the Mariners (-150), partly because I will be in attendance. Ride or Die bitches!

As for updates of my stay in NY, other than late night Ambien induced coma bar crawls (and I mean actually crawling from bar to bar), things have been pretty low-key. The calm week is likely to end Sunday, which will probably end in sleeping on homeless Hitchs’ roof in the east village or getting kicked out of The Rusty Rudder for creeping on young girls on the dance floor. Either way, I hope to have something of substance (hopefully some sort of bodily fluids) by Monday.

Here’s Lawro’s Predictions

We’re going lay off the preseason game tonight but check back in tomorrow to see if We’re Cised For anything.

Let us know how you degenerates are doing thus far.

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