Posted on August 23, 2010


Supposedly, fellow degenerates, NYC girls are SO proud that they can’t take a compliment like “you have great tits”. I try and try in the “city” but can never get it (vagina). Therefore, my closing rate is like Carter, (the fat lipped retard that doesn’t have access to the internet) at a Christian retreat. The only time I can get “it” is if I go to the local upper east side rub and tug where the Asians do it right! Honestly, when I’m in line ready to be washed down with the hose I feel like a farm animal getting rid of any disease, and I feel great!

On a different note, while driving from NYC to Bethany Beach today, I (Tre) had a lot of time to reflect on the direction of this blog and became excited sitting in traffic talking to the commissioner ( Joey B). He had so many great ideas and I was totally with him until I remembered how he met his girlfriend/wife to be.

The commissioner stole our degenerate friend Carter’s (yea that retard that wont ever read this, drinks 30 natty lights a night, and got the shit kicked out of himself in Friendship heights) date right underneath his blacked out eyes. The thing is, the commish doesn’t know that I threw him under the bus that night by making it perfectly clear to Carter that this was going on.

BLA BLA BLA…if you want to hear more about this soap opera let us know, But, on another note, attached is a pic of my friend “chin strap joe” kissing a fat chick at the bar last night. I guess if you have low expectations you can at least make it to first base in the city.

Let’s ride our 2-0 weekend in the English Premiere League tomorrow with the 3PM Liverpool Man City game. Take the draw line (+220) and the under (-153).


I hope you degenerates have been betting with your boys because we’re CISED to report we’re hovering at around 70%, meaning you’d be collecting cash money from your book if you’ve gone with our picks.

Let us know how you degenerates are doing. You can now also email your boys at Holla

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