Chirp of the Day

Posted on August 24, 2010


“Cised” superfan and blogger extraordinaire Hayley (real name) chimes in with today’s COTD. In between posting cat videos and pictures of food on her facebook page, Hayley has recently made a move from Ypsilanti, MI to Detroit. Pretty much like moving from South East to West Baltimore…but we give her props for supporting the dirty D. Anyway she had the cable guy come in yesterday and this was their exchange:

Hayley: In your professional opinion, can this bookshelf hold my t.v.?

Cable Guy: A week ago I was smoking crack and now I am installing cable. I am hardly a professional.

Thanks Detroit cable guy for reminding us that D.C. is not the most ghetto place in America, and for providing us with our Chirp of the Day.

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