Winnipeg’s Mayor Straight Kicks A Kid In The Face

Posted on August 25, 2010


First of all, fellow degenerates, I didn’t realize that there were black kids in Canada.  But I gotta give the old Canuck credit; he shows good technique and flexibility on his volley. And prior to the whistle, he doesn’t give a fuck that he just kicked a kid, he’s more worried about winning the ball. Well Done Geezer! And for all you DC folk, wouldn’t you pay to see Michelle Rhee’s(that awful witch of a woman who ruined the career of many D.C. teachers who dedicated their lives to helping the under-privileged kids of our nations capital) slanty eyes and crooked smile after kicking a ghetto southeast kid in the grill?

P.S. Who else wants to fuck the reporter other than me???

Check the video out below…

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