The NFL Season’s Almost Here…But For How Long

Posted on August 27, 2010


So, my fellow degenerates, last nights games prove to me just how ridiculous the preseason is, especially when it comes to gambling.  Most books had the Patriots at -6 1/2, FOR THE FIRST HALF!  Preseason lines are a f’ing joke, plain and simple.  Trev and I spent an hour arguing what plays to put on yesterday’s post, couldn’t even come close to an agreement, and went with the “Kindergarten Teacher” story instead (Thank you for all your comments BTW).  First half lines, over/under plays and props are really the only way to bet the preseason, and we’ll give you degenerates a few later on today/Saturday.

The NFL regular season kicks off in just about two weeks and We’re Cised For that shit!  Enjoy every game this season like it will be the last one you’ll ever watch, because it honestly just might be.  Admittedly, I don’t know shit about collective bargaining agreements and salary caps and all the other nonsense that goes on  between the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) and Roger Goodell and the NFL front office, but I do know that if these donks don’t get their shit together, come September 2011, we’ll be betting on the WNBA because THERE WILL BE NO FOOTBALL!

NFL teams are already taking this into account and taking appropriate measures (e.g. The New York Jets refusal to give Darrelle Revis his huge contract).  Players and teams are already getting ready for this impending lockout instead of sitting down like big boys and hammering out a deal that will bring insurmountable joy to men and women across the land.  Honestly, if there is no 2011 NFL season, domestic violence will increase by 1000%.  People in St. Louis will probably be the only people in the country that wont care because the only thing worse than no football is gong 1-15 season after season.

Unfortunately for the commish (Joey B), I’m a Maryland Terrapins fan, and our football team went from the Orange Bowl to the toilet bowl in like five seasons; so falling back on college football wont be the most appealing of options for me.  Granted, I love watching a good college game whether my team is playing or not, but Sundays were meant for the NFL.

So, fellow degenerates, from the boys here at “Cised” to Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith, cowboy the F up and get a deal done!  Otherwise, there’s going to be a run on Shane Falco jerseys all across America in protest, so, please, for the love of Jesus Christ, get a deal done so degenerates like us will have something to bet on next fall other than the Washington Mystics.

Let us know what you degenerates think.  Also, don’t forget that you can email your boys here at “Cised” at