Tommy John, Buzzer Beaters, Presidents’ Trophies and Glenn Beck, WTF?!

Posted on August 28, 2010


47 years to the day after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin graced the nation’s capital with their, in effect, “I hate people with darker skin than us” speech from the very same steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Hard enough as it is to believe, that’s not the worst thing to happen to Washington, D.C. this week, let alone this year.

Earlier yesterday, it was announced that the phenomenal right-handed pitcher and savior of D.C. baseball will have to undergo season-ending Tommy John’s surgery for a torn ligament in his throwing elbow.  Oops!  Now, having been born in the early 80’s, I’m still an Orioles’ fan, which is embarrassing enough, but I really liked watching this kid pitch.  Looks like the Nats will continue to be cellar-dwellers for a few more seasons.  Next.

The Maryland Terrapins basketball team, picked by experts to finish in the middle of the pack of the ACC and miss out on the The Big Dance, tied Duke for a share of the regular season title.  After an impressive showing in the opening game of the tourney, our beloved Terps let Michigan State take a commanding lead only to re-claim the lead with under three seconds left, only then to get beat by a miracle half-court shot at the buzzer.  Next.

The star-studded Washington Capitals, winners of the prestigious Presidents’ Trophy for most points in the NHL regular season, got bounced from the first round of the playoffs by the 8th seed Montreal Canadiens in game seven…again!  Ovie missed out on his third straight MVP, Alex Semin went 0 for the series again and our goalie situation was precarious at best.  Just a huge F’ing waste.  Next.

After signing a huge 100 million dollar contract with the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas’ knee blows out and there goes the season.  Finally, after all that rehabing, he returns only to bring guns into the locker room and get suspended for the remainder of this past season.  We lucked into the number one pick in the draft and chose wisely, but I’m waiting for John Wall to get hit by a fluke meteor.  Next.

Throughout the NFL season, the boys here at “Cised” will have our take on the Redskins, to be sure, but it looked as if they made all the right off-season moves, until McNabb’s ankle is now in an air-cast and missing preseason games.  Maybe it’s just them taking precautions, but who knows.

It just seems that our nation’s capital is cursed when it comes to sports.  Let us know what you degenerates think.

PS  I like the Giants +4 against the Ravens tonight, but, as previously stated, preseason games are a crap-shoot so be smart; wait til the regular season starts.