Ladies, You’re Making it Too Easy

Posted on August 31, 2010


So, following the Commish’s boring sports post’s the past couple days, I thought it was time to start off the work week with something you would actually enjoy reading. Why the F do I want to hear about how bad DC sports are. To even think of the NFL in strike mode makes me cringe and want to vomit simultaneously . Commish, relax on the melodrama and write a little bit more about how I want to motor-boat the shit out of your girlfriend.

Being fresh off a mini bender, acting like a asshole for the last 72 hours, I continue to realize how fast I mature while the women I run into on a daily basis become more and more childish(I wish I meant age). This seems like backward logic, but the more stupid I act, the more mature I become. Inversely, you’d think that these chicks who see me acting like a complete buffoon wouldn’t want to have shit to do with me, Right? Wrong!

Considering how sore my joint is right now, it is plainly obvious I was ponning everything in sight this weekend with pick-up lines like, “look at you there all white and skinny. I’d like to line you up on the bar and snort you.” You think that the 21st century feminist chick would either a)laugh at you, b)slap you and walk away, or, the more probable, c)both. Wrong again, my fellow degenerates.

Women, you’re making it WAY too easy for guys who are trying to be stupid at bars and get turned down/made fun of unmercifully by their friends, to end up waking up in a strange chicks bed. That chick being one you only met mere hours before, with a bit of a hangover and another story for our blog. GROW THE F UP! Otherwise, stop pretending to be all classy and just put your whore cards on the table and things will be a lot easier.

Let us know what you degenerates think(That means commenting on the blog donks)!

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