Posted on September 2, 2010


Alright degenerates, the college football season kicks off tonight, and WE’RE CISED FOR that shit! We here at Cised have looked at the lines for this weekend and think we’ve found some winners, but we figured it would only be fair to hook you degenerates up with a pick from tonight’s games.  Take the under in Southern Miss. V South Carolina(46).  If you’re feeling a little frisky, you might want to take Pitt getting three points against Utah as well.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more picks for that ass, but, until then, fellow degenerates, stop taking this shit here so F’ing seriously.  We here at Cised are morons, to be sure, but we’re trying to make you idiots laugh.  THAT’S IT!  We might cross the line every now and then, but who the F cares.  Those of you donks that know us, usually can tell who writes each post(and if you don’t that’s better for us), but for the record, I, Joey B(The Commish) wrote the last post.  I was doing shtick and got carried away.  If your feelings were hurt, sorry, but grow the F up!(Our boy who was pissed about the last post deserves a real apology: I’m Sorry)  Everyone else, well…