Oops…Our Bad

Posted on September 2, 2010


So, fellow degenerates, as you know by now, we went 0-1 last night and pushed in the Pitt game.  Granted, we lost by one point, ONE F’ING POINT in the South Carolina game, but horseshoes and hand grenades, right?  We have to make up for this slow start to the weekend now, because unless your bookie accepts a big bag of cheeseburgers like “StevieBooks”, your going to be coming out the pockets in a big way Tuesday morning, and we don’t want to have you degenerates change your name and move to a non-extradition-treaty-country this early on in the season.

Yesterday’s gone and today is full of possibilities for making straight cash, homie!  Here’s what we’re CISED for today.  Arizona is giving up 16 points to Toledo, and we like laying the 16.  Lay off the rest until Saturday when we have some winners for you degenerates.

A couple of side notes regarding the Cised family: One of the main contributors and founding members of Cised, Diggler, has temporarily left us for sauerkraut sandwiches and beer gardens.  His daily humorous videos and not-needed-to-be-edited-posts will be surely missed.  Until his triumphant return, however, he will not be able to be a daily contributor anymore.  He will chime in from time to time, but until he’s back stateside, we’re going to have some permanent fill-ins.  Werndiggler, it feels like we hardly knew you.  You’re a hall-of-famer already and a Cised family member for life.

We’re Cised to announce that the Dirty D will be joining the Cised family as a daily contributor, and that C-Murda will also now take an active roll.  D was offered a position on Cised shortly after he wrote a brilliantly funny comment to a recent Cised post with the offer of free wine and cigarettes, which he hastily accepted(minus the smokes).  Lets all give D a big Cised welcome by saying, in unison, “F the Celtics!”

C-Murda was initially set to be a main contributor to Cised from the break, but because he was the focus of so many early posts, we figured if he was contributing, he wouldn’t let us make fun of him anymore.  It turns out that’s not the case.  Look for the C-Murda manifesto coming soon.

As always, we invite and encourage our degenerate readers to comment on our posts.  Often enough we wont give a shit what you say or think, but they’re fun to read.  We’ve been taking heat lately about our posts having to do with chicks.  Knowing for a fact that we have more chick subscribers(yeah, donkeys, that means cowboy up and actually subscribe) than dudes, we’d love to hear the female perspective on what you’re reading.

So, gentlemen and lady degenerates alike, let us know what you think and how you did!

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