Any Given Saturday

Posted on September 4, 2010


Sundays’, to be sure, were meant for the NFL(and church for you other donks)!  Saturdays’, just the same(and synagogue for people like myself), were meant for NCAA Division 1 football(sorry C-Murda).  We got our swagger back last night, my fellow  degenerates, thanks to the Wildcats from The University of Arizona covering that 16 point spread.  So now that we’re back to even for the weekend, we can lay into it and try and make some real money, Mike McDermott style.

Today, we’re CISED for the under in the Mich. V UConn game(54), Navy laying six to Maryland(sorry Fridge), Northwestern laying 4.5 to Vandy and Wisc laying 20 to UNLV.

Now, as Commish, I’d like to thank you for your comments on our recent posts.  HOWEVER, people that are commenting everyday, Tom, Graham and Benny, why the F aren’t you donks subscribed yet?

Let us know how your weekends went, degenerates.  Good Luck!!