Any Given…Who Cares What Day It Is As long As thers’s Football!

Posted on September 10, 2010


So, fellow degenerates, we here at Cised were 50% on our college football picks, meaning you should just be paying juice this week(and fortunately for us, “StevieBooks” accepts three Micky D’s double cheeseburgers as Vig payment).  We here at Cised are far from Gambling EXPERTS, but we’re better than the average donk out there, and I’m only mentioning this because we should have been closer to 90%, but we got straight WHORED on three games by 1/2 a point.  We’ll get that percentage back up around 70% after week 1 of the NFL is finished.

Speaking of week 1, degenerates, we here at Cised are CISED for this weekend.  Due to a busy week for us here at Cised, we weren’t able to get a post up for last night’s games, but I assure you we were 2-0.  Here’s what we’re Cised for this weekend in college.  Iowa laying 13 to Iowa St., South Florida getting 16 against Florida as well as the over(50) in that game, Arkansas getting 1 vs. L-Lafayette, LSU laying 10 to Vandy and Stanford laying 6 to UCLA.

In addition, if you’re feeling frisky, take the overs in the Houston vs. UTEP game(73.5) and ECU and vs. Memphis(58).

Check back in tomorrow for the rest of our college picks as well as our week 1 NFL picks.  Get CISED degenerates!

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