Funny Video For All You Degenerates Before MNF

Posted on September 13, 2010


We had a decent weekend with college, but, unfortunately for all you degenerates, TreTre, Diggler and myself (BJC) were too busy all weekend to put up our NFL picks .  We might have something for tonight, so check back in later.  For now, however, Diggler,all the way from The Fatherland, has a gift for all you donks…enjoy!

This guy is a F’ing genius. Dress up in a kangaroo suit, jump around and do stupid shit, get 18 million hits on you tube, and get rich (albeit he’s a giant D-Bag). Remind me to take my video camera out next time I go out with C-Murda. Wait…I did that last Super Bowl, so stay tuned for the footage of my boy subtly sipping a pint glass of Jager like it was coke. Then witness him not so subtly blacking out and stripping. But that’s a story and a video for another time. If you are like me and cant sit through a 4 minute video, at least jump to the 3 minute mark when he kicks the golfer into the pond….priceless. So is the food tray scene. Have to give a shout out to Junior Healy for sending me videos like this. And for vomiting on command, suckering bigger guys at the bar on command, and pretty much doing anything else you ask him to do on command. Maybe a Junior story or two to come soon. Sorry this is all we got today (Maybe).

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