TreTre is Steve Nash

Posted on September 13, 2010


So I came up to the wine bar this afternoon to celebrate how bad the Cowgirls are and to shoot the shit with The Big Jewish Commissioner while trying to do some Grad School homework.  Of course, we got distracted when this 15 year old high school kid, who was obviously ditching class, walked by wearing a sweet authentic Steve Nash jersey.  I asked him how much he wanted for it, and he said, “I’ll take $25”.  I countered with, “How about $20?”  He agreed. I now have gear to wear to the hooters mini camp on the Pike (blog to follow) for all-you-can-eat wings tonight.

I then told the BJC to give the kid $20 because I had brought lunch (He’s never getting that cash back, big donk).

We then got distracted again trying to keep track of all the chicks under 60 that walk by the wine bar that we would smash (shocker its like 75% of them because I’d bang anything that walks).  In conclusion, I had three glasses of wine before one o’clock, bought a jersey of some dumb kid, and got no school work done whatsoever.  Just another Monday afternoon in Bethesda.

Hail to the Mother F’ing Redskins!!