Rebuttal to “Real Classy” Comment

Posted on September 16, 2010


A couple weeks ago, my boy wrote a phenomenal entry about whores entitled “Ladies, You’re Making it Too Easy”. Should the “Too” in that title have a big or small T???? If you give a shit then go F yourself and stop reading our blog. Pretty sure Mrs. Kopp isn’t grading these entries so enough with the grammar corrections people. We are retarded in case you haven’t figured that out yet. Anyways, check out this comment some chick wrote in reference to the “Ladies” post right here, then check out our response below….

Wow, “Too Classy”, excellent response. Referring to women as “bitches”, talking about “self-respecting strippers”, and your “fat friend who never gets laid”…well that’s real classy. Ohhhhhh, you were being sarcastic when naming yourself “Real Classy”, gotcha.

I got lost in your whole dog metaphor with all the bitch, puppy, mutt, heat, and the sniffing. And no, not lost because I couldn’t follow it, but lost because I started wondering which one of the mutts involved in this blog you hooked up with.   Tell me I’m wrong about that and I will chalk you up a point, which will bring you up to -12 after that rubbish you wrote about dogs.

Love getting a response like that though, “Classy”…keep them coming, for real! And about that vomiting in the morning? that’s from seeing what the “bitch” we brought home the night before looks like without makeup.

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