College Football & Ines Sainz

Posted on September 17, 2010


OK Degenerates, we here at Cised know that we have come across as huge D-Bags lately when it comes to our posts about women.  As previously stated, we’re doing sarcastic and subversive shtick.  Unfortunately, our recent posts have seemed more assholic than usual, so we’ll check our shit for awhile, focus on sports/betting for the weekend and come back at that ass next week with our humorous stories and “chirps of the week”.

Just a side note, however, before we get to our winners for college football for the weekend: there has been a lot of focus on how female reporters are treated when covering male athletes this week stemming from an incident that occurred at a New York Jets practice.  A female Spanish reporter, working for a Mexican television station, was waiting to interview Jets QB Mark Sanchez when a few Jets began acting somewhat juvenile (the actual details are still unconfirmed).  Ines Sainz, the reporter, made no official complaints, but certain woman’s groups made them on her behalf, albeit without her blessing or consent, and now the NFL is launching investigations which are taking attention away from where it belongs, which is on this weeks match-ups.  We here at Cised have strong opinions on this matter, but since every other news outlet and sports blog has already weighed in on this, this is all we’ll say: Ines Sainz is SMOKING HOT! That’s all we have to say.  Tell me I’m wrong.

Enough about smoking hot Spanish reporters who have the nicest ass in the history of the world and lets move on to our college football picks for this weekend.  And, just a side note, if you have been betting with your boys advice (11-4-1 record on college so far), you’d be up on your book big time.  This weekend, We’re CISED For Nebraska laying 3 to WashingtonU, UConn laying 6 to Temple, Texas laying 3 to Texas Tech and Iowa getting 1 from Arizona.  If you’re feeling frisky, take ECU getting 20 from struggling Va Tech, USC laying 12, Northwestern laying 6.5, K State laying 3.5 and the over (65.5) in the Cal Nevada game.

We’ve been slacking on our NFL picks, so all you degenerates should check back in tomorrow or early Sunday morning for our picks for week 2 in the NFL.

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-Big Jewish Commish

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