Kenny Powers is Back

Posted on September 24, 2010


The funniest show on tv is back this Sunday as Kenny Powers heads to the Mexican Minors to try get back to the show. I am sure this season will be filled with whores, drugs, and beastiality (spelling?) and it’s setting up to be pretty entertaining.  Don’t know how many of you were able to catch season one, but its only 6 episodes and they can be watched multiple times, so I suggest you do that this Saturday after Maryland finds a way to blow it against Florida International.  And if you get stoned, you’re probably gonna cry worse than you did at the end of The Notebook.   I have been watching Kenny clips all morning and just couldn’t pick one. The school dance scene when he is rolling on ecstasy is pretty ridiculous.   But this one makes me piss myself. They only showed part of this video on the show, but I found the full KP training vid on youtube. People who haven’t seen the show might not get it, but for those who have…try not to laugh at this one. And get super cised for HBO this Sunday. Also coming back is Bored to Death, another great show. Doesn’t exactly appeal to the sports gambling crowd, but I am sure there are a few potheads that read this who will like it.  Actually you are probably gonna have to DVR Kenny and watch Braylon Edwards and Ronnie Brown battle it out in the DUI Bowl on Sunday night football while you are trying to climb out of the hole this blog got you in with our NFL picks if you were stupid enough to take our advice.  But for real, the other guys here at “Cised” are killing it in College FB  so ride that wave as long as you can.   Good Luck this weekend, and for the record, I might actually buy half a pt and take the skins this weekend for the first time in a long time at -3.  Peace

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