Cised E-Mail Chain Greatest Hits

Posted on September 27, 2010


So, we here at Cised have a big group email chain going on so that all of us who contribute can stay in touch and coordinate our posts (albeit usually unsuccessfully).  This past Friday, Werndiggler sent out an email letting the rest of us donkeys know what he was going to post and his thoughts on my organizational skills (D-Bag).  The following are the next two responses from TreTre and Gay D.  Enjoy Degenerates!

Yea F’ing BJC wtf were u thinking posting both of those in one day? Its like you were trying to make a contest out of C-Murda and I.  I think that BJC is a huge jew and should be stoned for doing that shit (i can hear him crying inside as he reads this)
On another note C-Murda texts me today “My B i missed ur call. took home some random bar skank” this was at 9:51 am which means he is not making it to work which means no internet which means he will def drink a 30 by 3PM… So theres ur answer C-Murda is banging some 5.5 he found at front page last night at his place, if i sound like im jealous
i am… but im proud to be not jewish and not fat like BJC… and Werndigler send that video with me and the [edited for content] it might give me some answers about life
And I can guarentee that D is gonna come up with some trying to be smart email after this so make it happen gay d and BJC ur  a jew and i hate u and yes im still drunk from last night, going to watch some porn


Now, that was for context into what I (BJC) think might be the greatest reply to a douchey email of all time…


TreTre, ask and you shall receive.

I don’t mind being the guy with gay responses. Remember I was raised in Massachusetts we legalized being gay, so I will be Gay D and I will wear that title with rainbow pride.

TreTre is a little down fellas. It is totally understandable as well. This Sunday at the wine bar [Girl A] (TreTre’s second I believe, and 4 inches his superior in two areas) clarified to TreTre that I was better looking. This could not have come at a worse time because the Redskins just put TreTre through torture (insert Cowboys joke here, yes were O and f’ing 2 and O and f’ing three unless we learn how to play football). TreTre was devastated after the loss to Houston. At that bad of a moment he just couldn’t accept I may be better at him at anything let alone Gay D being praised as better looking.  Who was I to take advantage of him in this fragile state? I did my best to calm him down. But now that time has passed let me clarify certain aspects of life I am superior to TreTre in.

Looks – Hey I have had random people telling me I look like Tom Cruise for years. I took it as a slight because I was being compared to a closet homosexual. But you know what? Chicks dig him and he has a hot wife and since I am embracing the Bay State homosexuality F it, it’s a compliment. I will be Cole Trickle. All [Girl A] did was drive the point home that looking like Jerry McGuire makes me better looking than TreTre. I have found the Kwan apparently.

Girls – Quality over quantity my friend. Just look at the college roommates we took down. You have the Jewish troll and I have the nice Christian who buys me dinner and [bangs] me to boot.

Basketball – Hey there was a reason that when New Hall 302 would play in the cage I had to team up with the little Jew and you had to play with the athletic black guy. There is one Jewish guy in the NBA and everyone else is black. I mean that giving me a Jew is like teaming up with Charles Barkley on the golf course. Talk about the ultimate handicap.

Soccer – I still don’t think you can score on me, which is saying something because I am such a bad goalie according to you. Good thing [TreTre’s brother] was born otherwise the [TreTre’s last name] would be a Field Hockey family.

PS – your post said you have yet to graduate 1st grade. Isn’t this the second time you failed to pass 1st grade on the first attempt?

-In the interest of full disclosure, certain names were edited as well as some content to ensure we don’t get sued by the ACLU and alienate the few people that are still talking to us since we started this blog.


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