BJC and C-Murda Get CIsed For Tucker Max

Posted on September 30, 2010


So, my fellow degenerates, last night C-Murda and I ventured down to the Borders at 18th and L streets NW to meet our favorite  author and misogynist Tucker Max.  No homo, but I get Cised for Tucker Max.  I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is a very funny book, and if you degenerates haven’t read it or heard of it, get on that shit like yesterday because it’ll make you cry laughing (unless you’re a chick, and then you might just cry).

Here is a picture of your boy trying to tell this asshole that his movie really wasn’t very good.

You’ll notice that C-Murda is conspicuously absent from these pictures.  That’s because he’s gay and doesn’t like to be photographed.

Hi-light of the night was when Murda and I were in line buying the book and this donk walks in the store and grabs the midget-stripper he’s touring with by the head and tosses her four feet in the air.

And if I wasn’t already sufficiently satisfied with my Tucker Max experience, he signed my book, “Joey- That’s not a ‘guido’ name. T.M.”.  Fantastic!

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