Wrap Up The Week With Some College Football

Posted on October 1, 2010


OK, my fellow degenerates, the e-mail that is automatically generated when we post something new is finally working again after your boy sent scathing e-mails to the donks that run our server, which is wordpress.com., so hopefully our loyal subscribers will continue to get this garbage that we post (hint hint to all you D-Bags who read and haven’t yet subscribed).

We here at Cised are Cised to announce that we now have our very own Facebook page where all you degenerates can follow us, and it is We’re Cised For (shocker).  We’d all appreciate if you added us to your “Like” category and then you will get updates about your boys and notified when a new post is up (which you should already get because you’re going to subscribe after reading this).

Onto our college football picks for the coming weekend.  This weekend, We’re Cised For Georgia laying 4 to Colorado, Oregon laying 7 to Stanford, Wisc laying 2 to Mich St., Oklahoma laying 3.5 to Texas (Big Donks), Fla St. laying 7 to UVA, Iowa laying 7 to Penn St., Northwestern laying 5.5 to Minn and last but not least, Tulsa laying 9 to Memphis.  We’re trending to the favorites this week, hopefully C-Murda actually looked at these picks and didn’t just draw them out of his drunken ass.

Check back in again on Saturday for our NFL week 4 picks.  Last week was a little rough, but your boy still came out ahead.  “StevieBooks” does his best to give me the shitty last minute lines, but try as he might, I’m still getting paid, and I don’t mean in cheeseburgers.

Let us know what you degenerates are going to take this weekend.  Also, we can be reached by e-mail at werecisedfor@gmail.com.