You Know What Grinds My Gears

Posted on October 4, 2010



Listen, the guy just signed a 5 year contract with a signing bonus of 8.3 million dollars guaranteed. That means, if you spread the signing bonus out over 5 years, it is $1,660,000 per year. This means this dinner was less than 3% of his bonus this year. I don’t think people would be going nuts if I took 53 of my friends to dinner and spent 3% of my bonus. Now, that might be because we would be eating the dollar menu at McDonalds (C-Murda just got a chubby) but still it’s the moral of it all, it’s my money what do you care?


You believe that people don’t like you and your receiving all of this negative attention because you’re black. The one hour TV show special had nothing to do with it? The fact that you shrink in big games worse than Gay D’s dick when he jumps into a pool has no bearing on this backlash? How bout the fact that you have not won anything other than popularity awards and you carry yourself like your Magic Johnson. I mean people cheered when Delonte West banged out your mom.

If Wes Matthews went to town on Magic Johnsons mom in 1987 he would have been killed…

Delonte West is receiving more high fives in Boston than Tom Brady.

18 NFL games schedule

You go through all of this to prevent head injuries and you want to add 2 games to the schedule? You eliminate 2 pre-season games which starters don’t even play in to justify it? I am not seeing the logic. On top of this the NFL says this well lead to less meaningless games at the end of the season. Oh yea, how? Look at the NBA and MLB, is there less meaningless games with all of the games they play? The only thing this will lead to is players looking like this…

And owners looking like…

Rory Mcilroy

Not much of a golf fan but I can not wait for Tiger Woods to destroy him. How do you talk smack to Tiger Woods? It’s like trying to trash talk Michael Jordan, how did that work out Byron Russell? It may not happen at the Ryder Cup but it will in due time. I just can’t wait. Plus after Tiger rapes him on the course he will hate F*** his mom (image below) after.

Tiger has done worse…

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