MNF: The Best Thing To Happen To Bookies Since The Parlay

Posted on October 5, 2010


So, my fellow degenerates, I’m (BJC) sitting here watching the Pats and Dolphins on Monday Night Football finding my self being a huge Dolphins fan for the night, simply because I’ve got a bunch of cash on them.  I began thinking that MNF is the best AND worst thing for degenerate gamblers like us.  Best, for people like me, because I’m up on that big donk “StevieBooks” and have a chance to really stick it in and break it off.  Worst, for idiots like you, because you’ve spent all week digging yourself into a large hole and are pushing your chips all in to try and make back that nickle or dime you lost on the Gators on Saturday and the Colts on Sunday.

I’m sure that “StevieBooks” gets so Cised for the Monday line to come out because he knows all you donks who are down more than you can pay him on Tuesday are going to try and make it all back, which means that there will be a plethora of sucker bets like teasers and parlays.  Some of them might hit, but the majority probably won’t and now your monkey-ass is down two dimes instead of one and will really have to move to a non-extradition country and spend the rest of your life in fear and jumping every time you smell the slightest scent of a cheeseburger.

There’s no judgment coming from me, degenerates; I’ve been there many times before.  It’s just humorous watching Randy Moss dropping a touchdown pass with five seconds to go in the first half causing the Pats not to cover the first half point spread (1/2).  Degenerates all throughout New England were not Cised where as degenerates all throughout Florida were super Cised about that.  And degenerates like me just get plain Cised, especially because I had the ‘Fins in the first half!

Let us know what you degenerates think and how you did this weekend.