Posted on October 6, 2010


So, my fellow degenerates, as it happens, I (BJC) was wrong about the Redskins losing to the Eagles.  The only reason I’m even writing this retraction is because friend of the blog Benny “I’m Rich Bitch” K has embarrassing videos of me from years ago, and  because he’s a dick, he has threatened to release them on Facebook.

The Redskins are CURRENTLY in first place in the juggernaut division of the NFC east, but for how long, nobody knows.  My Giants are 2-2 as well and haven’t played a division game yet so we shall see whats what in the next few weeks after the Skins get a visit from Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

Just to reiterate, I was wrong.  The Redskins are the greatest team in the world, and if you believe that, like I said before, you’re higher than I am.


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