I Get Cised For October

Posted on October 7, 2010


OK, my fellow degenerates, if you haven’t noticed, it’s October.  I get Cised for October.  College and NFL football are in full swing, the NHL and NBA are getting under way, and I’ve watched my first baseball game since July.  Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball, but I haven’t had a horse in that race since 1997 due to the Orioles being embarrassingly terrible.

In the one game I didn’t have money on last night, Roy Halladay threw the first postseason no hitter since Don Larson did it for the Yanks in the 1956 World Series.  How do you not get Cised for postseason no hitter?  Granted, baseball can be incredibly boring, but everyone can get Cised for a no hitter!  The Texas Rangers were +120 against the AL East champs Tampa Bay Rays and the Yankees were -155 at game time against the struggling Twins.  Both turned out to be solid bets, and so were the Phillies, but they were -220 and therefore too expensive to take the risk.

I like the Yanks again tonight, and I also like Kansas St. +12 in college football.  This time of year is great for degenerates of all stripes because there is so much to bet on at all times of the week.  There are 5 legitimate sports to bet on this month, the only biggie missing being college basketball, which is right around the corner.  And for degenerates like myself, that’s about par (that’s for you Krissy).

Let us know what you degenerates think.  werecisedfor@gmail.com