I Got a Lock Today Boys

Posted on October 10, 2010


Ryan Torain is gonna motor-boat the shit out of these tits after running for a buck twenty and two TD's today!

…….And that lock is that it is now 7:00 AM EST, and Ca Cawww C-Murda She Wrote has cracked his first Natty Light of what is sure to be a glorious day of blacking out and watching NFL football, in that order.  But I also have a pick….so read this shit.

Not gonna lie, I am down on the NFL so far this year….a lot. I lost a butt load of cake on the Colts money line last week, and anyone who watched that game knows how bad I got whored. Yeah I know…the last thing anyone gives a shit about is someone else’s bad beat, but I do want to make the point that when it comes to picking games…your boy in germany who has yet to tune into a live NFL game, is actually 5-2 on the year. One of those 2 losses was the Skins/Rams debacle…..forgive me for betting with my heart on that one. And the other was last week when that queer Scooby Doo or whatever the f his name is kicked a 60 yarder with no time left to beat the Colts. Dude must have been riding a horseshoe sybian the night before.

Anyways I got a lock today. A LOCK. Yeah this week actually sucks and there are some tough lines to pick, but here is what I am taking today – I am gonna tease New Orleans @ Arizona bringing the Saints to -1, and Buffalo at home vs. Jacksonville to give the Bills 4.5 pts. Thinking about it, how can you not just take the Saints alone against the worst team in the NFL with Max Hall starting at QB? Yeah the Saints margin of victory this year has been slim, but take a look at what San Diego’s offense did to the Cards without Rivers even having to throw the ball. I am talking myself into taking NO straight up right now, and probably will. But still, my lock is the tease. Buffalo has played 3 teams that are 3-1, so don’t get scared of their 0-4 record. With a Jacksonville team going on the road in the ultimate let down situation, playing a hungry team after a lucky win against a team with an atrocious defense, I cannot see how this game turns out any other way than in Buffalo’s favor. So call your bookie, or log onto your website, and put this pick in right now……and if I don’t hit this, I promise this will be my last time I post my fugazi football picks on this site…unless you wanna know what NOT to take.

PS. Definitely parlaying the Skins money line and the over in that game against the banged up Pack D-corps. Can the we win a shoot out against the Packers???? Probably not, but your boy has a C-Note that says they can….


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