Weekend Recap and Favre’s Junk

Posted on October 11, 2010




"Somethin' funny's happenin in my Wranglers"


This past weekend was filled with ups and downs.  I was disappointed that the first college football game I was able to watch from Germany – Michigan/MSU was a let down.  Denard Robinson sucked dick and thank god I didn’t take the over in that game like I wanted to.  On the other hand, SC took down Alabama at home in a game attended by Cised writer Tre, who I am sure will have some stories about yelling obscenities at Erin Andrews and probably getting in a fight or two.  Stay tuned for that post.  I don’t really give a shit about anything else that happened in Col FB so someone else will have to write about that.

As far as the NFL is concerned……..HOW BOUT THEM SKINS!!!!!  We are field goaling the shit out of teams and injuring top players on a weekly basis.  Andre Johnson in week two, Stephen Jackson in week three, Michael Vick in week four, and yesterday we took out both GB tight ends and gave Aaron Rodgers a concussion.  Thank god none of those dudes are on my fantasy squad who is winning by 60 pts this week, with Randy Moss and Dustin Keller yet to play I might add.  But could I have been more wrong about my “lock” yesterday?  How the hell does Drew Brees throw 3 pics against the Cardinals?  Whatever, I need to stop betting on football and focus on my Full Tilt account which is growing like Brett Favre’s chub in the pics he sent Jenn Sterger when he was in New York.  And unless you’re a Chilean coal miner, I’m pretty sure you have at least heard about or seen the video on Deadspin, but in case you haven’t, Click Here.

If you don’t already read Deadspin, then promise us you won’t start after looking at that video, because it is much more interesting than our stupid blog…But for real, I think this Brett Favre story is riveting. Can you imagine a Monday Night Football matchup with more story lines than tonight’s tilt between Minnesota and the Jets? Brett Favre returning to NY where he played for a season, the same week the Deadspin story came out, Randy Moss’ first game back as a Viking, with another Hall of Fame quarterback throwing to him. You think Favre is gonna be scared to hurl a couple deep balls off his back foot to Randy Moss’ Kimbo Slice bearded ass? Don’t think so. And Revis just loves talking shit about Randy, so that matchup is gonna be exciting to watch. And did you hear about Tom Brady and Randy’s little squabble before his departure from New England? Check this out

I have to say as funny as it is that they are fighting about hairdos, I am gonna have to take Randy’s side on this one and say that Tom Brady does in fact look like a chick with that awful salad growing on his head, and I’m gonna go one step further and say he has turned into an absolute pussy over the past two years. Gisele has been straight running his show lately….banging other dudes, not letting him cut his hair, making him sit in the back seat of his vehicle while she rides shotgun. If this were Brady in his Super Bowl winning years he’d have Gisele in the back seat with him giving him dome while he places an order for a new cardigan from Jcrew online on his iphone. What happened to that dude?

So get cised for the game tonight, I have no idea what’s gonna happen and will spare you my prediction which will clearly be wrong. Enjoy the game, let us know how you did on the weekend, and look forward to Tre’s post about his trip to Columbia.

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