Would The Real Erin Andrews Please Stand Up???

Posted on October 15, 2010


Just wanted to let  all you degenerates out there that Erin Andrews was at College Gameday this past Saturday for the USC vs. BAMA game (this picture is from my F’ing cell phone).  This donkeys retarded sign that’s cut off in the picture says it all. I will clarify and fill in the blanks…

Stale Ramen Noodles that only homeless people eat (how do they get the boiling water)=.13 cents.

Natty light that only C-Murda She Wrote drinks(and I will on occasionally touch to get blacked-out)= $20 dollar bill for 2 30-packs from a beer/liquor store in Adams Morgan.

Student ticket that only USC students get(duh)=free for the rich college student.

And finally, seeing Erin Andrews on college gameday= priceless.  Although I would pay all the money in my bank account(46.89$) just to touch her hair. Yes I am a creep; Yes I want to bang on her;  Yes I masturbate to her hotel peephole scene that is saved on my computer every Saturday when I wake up.

So now all you uninformed haters can S my D, and CCES for life.

PS: Where should I get blacked-out for Auburn vs. Arkansas? The kid Freddy B’s house or Hooters?

PPS: Gin and Tonic Saturday night for ‘Bama vs. Ole Miss and ‘Cocks vs. Kentucky.  $5 pitchers, 25 cent wings.

PPPS: Wine bar Sunday night for the ‘Skins game.

PPPPS: Somebody is going to get pregnant

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