Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Posted on October 22, 2010


OK, my fellow degenerates, it’s Friday, I’m finally getting over this F’ing cold I’ve had for like two weeks, and I’m starting to get uber-Cised for the weekend and the college and NFL games that come with it (not to mention TWO games 6’s in the MLB playoffs).  Just in case you were wondering, now that I’m back to good health, what I’m doing this weekend: Carving pumpkins and drinking mold-wine with my girlfriend and her friends (I’m all man!).

This weekend, fellow degenerates, We’re Cised For the following: Louisville -3 vs. UConn (UConn’s QB has been kicked off the team, again, this time for good.  They had zippy offense with him, so without they’ll BLOW even worse); Texas Tech -2.5 vs. Colorado (Colorado can’t keep up with tech’s high-powered offense); ECU -12.5 vs. Marshall (the Pirates are coming off a solid win.  Marshall isn’t.  Let’s just hope their flight home goes better then the 1970 one did); UNC +6.5 vs. The U (Jacorry Haris has as much arm strength as C-Murda did for the JV Battlin’ Barons); BCS #1 Oklahoma -3 vs. Mizzu (OK saw what happened to Ohio St. last weekend and Stoops wont let that happen.  Stoops only loses in BCS games).

If you are flushed/feeling frisky/Cised to make a bet, take the over (43) in the Syr vs. WVU game, the over (46) in the S. Carolina vs. Vandy game, UL-Lafayette -6 vs. W. Kentucky, Ark St. -7.5 vs. Fla. Atlantic and Arkansas -9.5 vs. Ole Miss.

As always, we welcome your comments and e-mails, and we welcome suggestions for possible topics to be discussed.  In conclusion, earlier today, like always, I was listening to my morning podcast of The Sports Junkies, and Chris Cooley said that if he scored this weekend, he’d do the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance from Family Guy, and I leave you degenerates with this clip.  Enjoy!