MEangelo Hall wins ME some Money!

Posted on October 25, 2010


While BJC was busy drinking “mold wine” and carving pumpkins this weekend (his pumpkin always has the biggest nose), I was busy WINNING. Winning Fantasy FB, winning money, and most importantly, winning a big f-ing game in Chicago. You can’t help but get cised for the Skins right now.

D Hall and Osackpo Celebrate

Underdogs in every game of the season except one, we have “upset” the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Packers, and now the Bears. As a gambler, I like getting points every week – it allows me to bet with my heart. But for Christ sake, when are we gonna get some respect? Our 3-4 defense might give up a lot of yards but we force turnovers better than anyone else in the league. Deangelo Hall caught more balls than most wideouts yesterday (4 picks) and is surprisingly tackling other football players this year, Orakpo is in the top 3 in the NFL with 7 sacks, Fletcher and Landry are top 3 in tackles, and that fat disaster Albert Haynesworth made a huge impact yesterday causing a fumble at the goal line and getting a sack. Ryan Torain has given us a much needed running game. Santana is top 5 in receiving yards. Donovan McNabb is struggling right now, but word on the street is that the Redskins have hired the dude from the Levitra commercial to work with him on his accuracy. That guy can fire the pigskin through a tire like its his job.   *In a related story, the Vikings have hired the Levitra dude to help Brett Favre stay cised before he goes flacid and sends another picture of his junk out. Who doesn’t at least get a chubb before sending a cock pic?

Speaking of Favre, I was pumped to see him fail last night. It’s just a big F-ing show with this guy. After throwing the TD to Percy Harvin at the end of the game which ended up being called back, he was all hopping around on one leg acting injured like he was Danny fucking Larusso at the end of Karate Kid 1. I’m sick of Brett and his grey bush and terrible creeping game trying to steal the show every chance he gets. Hang em up buddy, and when you do I will remember you for the all the pics you threw that lost your team games, and all the pics you sent that lost you your marriage. Here is Brad Childress calling out old balls in his post game press conference.

There is just too much to talk about from yesterday’s NFL games, but I have to tip my hat to Kevin Kolb for losing the game for Philly against the Titans. Also have to tip my hat to Jason Campbell for somehow managing to only throw for 200 yards and 2 td’s when your team scored 59 pts. I like JC a lot, but if there is a more underwhelming QB in the league I am not sure where he plays.  Oh wait, there are 2, and they both play in Arizona.  Keep it up D Anderson and Max Hall, and thank god me and my boy Chiggy didn’t take Larry Fitzgerald in the first round in Fanto this year.

As far as gambling……If anyone didn’t take ECU over Marshall on Saturday then they lost on the easiest opportunity to win money this football season. Also the Pats getting 3 pts yesterday in San Diego? How could anyone not jump on that. So I hit ECU, New England, and I teased NE and the Skins getting them both 9 pts which I also hit. I did lose on the Steelers who won but didn’t cover in Miami. Apparently its harder to hold onto the football when diving into the end zone than it is to hold on to a 20 yr old when you are mouth-raping her in the bathroom of a bar in Georgia, and if Big Ben had held onto that ball, Pitt would have covered and your boy would have been 4-0 on the weekend insead of 3-1.

As far as tonight’s MNF matchup…..I hate to say it, but you gotta root for Dallas.  Their season is over.  Rick Moranis knew more about football in Little Giants than Wade Phillips does, so we can let them get their 2nd win of the season if it helps put us get in a tie for 1st in the NFC East.  Although I do like the Giants getting 3 pts, both Manning and Romo can throw away a game with the best of ’em, so I am gonna lay off.

Great weekend though, and as always,  “let us know how you did this weekend”.  Funny how we say that all the time, and not one person has ever “let us know” how they did.  Do people even read this shit?  Less sports talk and more ridiculous stories from C-Murda and Co. to come later this week….I promise.

Ps.  BJC did in fact color the lid of his pumpkin solid black with a Sharpie, making it the most Jewish pumpkin in Bethesda, where there is A LOT of competition.

Here are a couple Skins related video links from yesterday.

Deion Sanders’ top 10 performers on sunday right here (D Hall “one of his babies” is number 1)

Mike Shanahan, Mcnabb, Haynesworth, and D Hall post game press conference right here

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