The “Big Three” are feeling the Heat

Posted on October 27, 2010


I’ve been told the reason why I have a case of writers block is because I’ve been blacked out for the last 10 days and my bender has affected my ability to be any where near coherent. But F you haters, cause that’s why I have other people do my Masters program midterms and get me A’s cake easy (thank you Danyita and BJC).  So, I fought through today, totally sober, and want to take some time to comment on NBA’s opener featuring the Heat and Celtics. Keep in mind I’m a full blown Wizards fanboy and hate both of these teams, but I have some good insight to offer.

Now, firstly, I’ll give credit to the Celtics.  Everyone says Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are too old and can’t play anymore, but they continue to make big shots when it matters. As for the third member of the old “big three”, Kevin Garnett, he still plays tough D, hits the glass and gets me and Celtics fans pumped the F up with his frequent cursing rants following good plays. And please tell me why its not the “big four” in Boston?  It’s clear to me that Rondo is the star of the Celtics. He just makes headie plays all game. I won’t be surprised if the Celtics get back to the NBA finals again.

Now, lets get to the overrated Heat, where for me, the biggest problem of the new sports media proclaimed “big three” starts with Chris Bosh. How can he play like a guard shooting mid range jump shots all game when he is is 6’11 and 235? His slim line of 8 points and 8 boards, going 3-11 from the field, is because his pussy ass doesn’t strap down and get in the paint. There was one play in the fourth quarter when Big Baby roughs Bosh out of the way like a small child for an uncontested lay up. Bosh needs to grow a pair. Dwayne Wade is definitely still injured, and I won’t knock him because I think he’s the man, but it’s clear Wade was frustrated and pissed off with Lebron when the King didn’t look his way throughout the second half and lobbed up threes like crazy.  I’ll give Lebron credit on improving his outside shot, but 7 turnovers and just 3 assists ain’t gonna cut it. And that brings me to my conclusion: The heat will have the same problem Lebron had in Cleveland. The supporting cast of donkeys is just not good enough. Carlos arroyo is a Mexicant, Joel Anthony is a clumsy freak black Canadian (didn’t know they existed), Ilgauskas looks handicap because he has the same problem as Bosh, he wont bring his tall ass down low, and there’s a reason Eddie House has been on 9 different NBA teams; no one likes him enough to keep him around. I hope the Heat continue to have problems against better teams, but the bottom line is they’ll probably win the regular season in the East because of Wade and Lebron. But mark my words, when it comes down to scraping through tough playoff series’, they just don’t have enough testicular fortitude to get it done.

I am totally aware that this is one of my first serious, non-alcohol related shenanigans filled posts, but rest assured, I’m still trying, and succeeding, to plow through puntang, and unlike C-murda, I don’t need to play the law of averages or lie, cause unlike him, I’m hitting chicks that are on an average of 7.756%. And like Kenny Powers, I stay be loving riding jet skis and throwing beers at Mexicans.

Stay tuned for some EPL picks, but if you wanna take a soccer play Wedensday afternoon, Arsenal is -117 tomorrow in the Carling Cup against Newcastle. Fabergas is back and the Gunners are flowing.

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