I Still Get Cised For MJ

Posted on November 2, 2010


I don’t know if you degenerates have seen this new Nike add featuring His Airness, Michael Jordon, talking about some bullshit that we’ve heard a thousand times before.  I grew up watching Jordan, and I still firmly believe that he is, and will forever be, the greatest basketball player of all time.  His body of work speaks for itself.  The fact that his commercials can still get me Cised says a lot about a guy that pulled a Bret Farve and didn’t know when to call it quits.  But no matter what, I still get Cised for Michael Jordan.

Having said that, a lot of local radio shows this week have been talking about how the NFL will punish Old Man Farve for his junk texting fiasco, and Jordan’s name was mentioned frequently.  Apparently, the rumor is that when Jordan retired the first time, remember he went and played minor league baseball for two years, he was actually serving a two year suspension from basketball because David Stern found out that, shocker, the biggest openly degenerate gambler of our generation, was betting on basketball.  Not wanting to lose the biggest draw to the game and money maker for the NBA and all sorts of sponsors, they instead of publicly suspending him, made a back-room deal that he’d leave the NBA for two years to pursue another dream of his, playing professional baseball.

Jordan is known to make it rain in casinos and on the golf course with the intensity of Pete Rose, so it wouldn’t completely shock me to learn that while he was thoroughly dominating the sport, he was betting on it on the side.  Considering he was a three-peat champion twice, I doubt he was point shaving or taking dives, but even if he was, who really cares?  He was the best thing to happen to the NBA ever, and if he made extra money off of it while it made countless millions off of him, I could care less.

And this all comes back to how Cised I get for MJ still.  Even after hearing this possibility that he may have bet on basketball, well, so do I, so from Cised to MJ, Mazel Tov!  And MJ, if you have any insider moves, let your boys at Cised know.


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