Weekend Recap 11/15

Posted on November 15, 2010


It was an eventful weekend in the world of sports with some epic finishes in both College Fb and the NFL.  The top 3 teams in the nation all had to battle till the end for wins as Oregon, Auburn, and TCU continue undefeated seasons.  A Hail Mary as time expired gave the Jags a huge win over Houston, a gimpy Mark Sanchez led the Jets to victory in OT over the Browns, San Fran kept their season alive with an OT win against St. Louis, and even Carson Palmer and his ginger beard had a chance to win the game with a late drive after recovering an onside kick against Indy.

2 Well Groomed Sanchez's

Also, Dirty Sanchez aficionados got what they asked for as Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito scrapped Saturday night with the former destroying the latter.   And now for some commentary on events that took place over the weekend in the world of sports and entertainment:

Vikings vs. Bears – Bret Favre and Jay Cutler continued to get paid millions of dollars to play 500 every Sunday as they launched the ball aimlessly in the air  combining for 5

Two Comb-overs, Zero Penises

picks in a sloppy game.  Cutler celebrated his victory by going balls deep in girlfriend Kristin Cavalarri while Favre jerked it in the press room with ESPN’s Ed Werder while giving him his weekly “off the record” injury report. Rumors continue about a Cutler for McNabb swap this off season, but I’d rather see Gus Ferotte back in the Burgundy and Gold before seeing that homo, his fruity comb over, his miserable gf, and huge ego come to Washington.

Sarah Palin – Whatever this Tea Party thing is, she is the Captain Kirk of that shit.  And she is possibly the next Republican candidate for president.  Apparently she is filming a reality show in Alaska right now for TLC with her 11 kids: Bristol, Willow, Trig, Trap, Piper,  Shotgun, Camouflage, Tax (short for Taxidermist) and I think I am missing a couple but they are probably named after strippers from Busch Co. in Anchorage or

Photographer: "Ok you three on the left, you three on the right, and the two retards in the middle."

pieces of hunting equipment sold at Cabelas.  Don’t forget husband Todd either…….imagine a dude named “Todd” in the White House?  Cue Ram Jam’s “Black Betty”.   How ignorant are we as country when an uneducated piece of trash  like Palin carries so much Political weight?  This really could happen though, Reality TV is taking over! The only way I’d vote for her is if she announced that Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Justin Bobby, and Frank from the Bachelorette were all guaranteed positions in her Cabinet.  Great article about Palin right here, with pictures too for people who can’t read good (Murda).

The Dougie – You knew this was gonna blow up the second John Wall made his home debut in Washington.   You probably knew which one of your douche-bag friends was gonna be the first one to bust it out  after a few drinks.  You probably watched with second hand embarrassment, just like I did, as that douche made a mockery of himself.  The slew of “Dougie” related videos to appear on Youtube and other blogs make me cringe, so I wanna put the Dougie to bed for good.  Before I do though, I have to show the worst interpretation I have seen.  And it comes from Wolf Blitzer at the Soul Train Awards.     The brilliant producers of the ST Awards realized the popularity of Blitzer’s “The Situation Room” on CNN among “Soul Train” viewers and cashed in by having him appear at their awards show.  Here it is –

In a related story – white people can’t dance.  Even though the fruit who brought his girlfriend and her Jamal Anderson-ish thighs to Harlem in this video has more rhythm than most whities, it’s still super embarrassing to watch.  The only other white person seen in this video (CLICK HERE) comes at the end, and although she too can’t dance, she is definitely rocking the shit out of her 2.5 sq. ft fupa in that tight grey sweatsuit.  Props.

Back to sports

Cam Newton was so Cised about the shoutout I gave him on his favorite blog last week that he was able to brush off controversy surrounding him and deliver another monster game, and lead Auburn to another victory after being down 2 scores early on.

The Wizards – The Wiz lost both of their games over the weekend. No surprise there, but Gilbert Arenas did take a break from dropping deuces in his teammates shoes to drop 30 on the Bulls Saturday.

NFC East – Dallas man-handled the Giants last night which nobody expected, especially BJC after jocking his G-Men so hard in Friday’s post on Cised.  But this means that a Skin’s victory tonight hosting Philly would put us one game back in the division, with both games left against the Giants, and winning the tie-breaker with The Eagles.   And even though I am uber optimistic about the outcome of this game, I am still putting my money on the Eagles ML,  win-win.

One more video – Watch this Baylor recruit go between his legs and dunk in a game.

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