Don’t Tread On Me…

Posted on November 18, 2010


There are many things that have come out of the Tea Party Movement that put me on Full Tilt, some more than other, but mainly their use of the Don’t Tread On Me logo from the Revolutionary War days.  I love that flag and logo, especially since I saw Sam Seaborn rocking it in his office in the West Wing of our greatest Presidents White House, Jed Bartlet.  As previously stated, I can’t stand these F’ing people and there nubby rallies and stupid signs, but I can see why their message resonates with “regular people” throughout the country.  Their main party platform, besides “we hate black people” is “out with career politicians”, and in some cases, they may have a point.

Right here in Maryland, a local politician has just been engulfed in scandal that was the result of a two year federal investigation by the Justice Department, resulting in multiple arrests of various local officials.  Jack B. Johnson (D), Prince Georges County-County Executive, was served with a search warrant at his home and him and his wife were promptly taken into custody.  Shocker, he had PG County cops on his payroll doing their own shady shit, including, but not exclusive to, trafficking in stolen guns, drugs and conspiring to sell untaxed alcohol and cigarettes.  The icing on the cake is that they were working with a local liquor store owner as a hub for their illicit activities, and that local business is none other than Tic-Toc Liquors.  That may not mean much to all of you, but to those of us who grew up in this area, it holds a special place in our hearts as the shady spot where we all used to buy all our alcohol for our underage extravaganzas throughout high school and freshman year of college.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), who if it weren’t for the dark skin would be a dead ringer for my old Jewish grandfather, was just last week convicted on 11 counts of congressional ethics violations.  Ironically, this investigation into his ethical violations has been going on for over a year, and the Tea Party couldn’t find one brother who lives in Harlem who shares their views to run against him, as he won re-election two weeks ago with 80% of the vote amid the scandal.

Both Harlem and PG County, Md. are both predominantly black areas, and due to the fact that black people in this country still have a deep seeded mistrust of white people, the Tea Party hasn’t been able to break into that culture, thank God.  I find it funny that the people who actually should be voted out of office, the most corrupt politicians around, are the ones who consistently get voted back in, but good people doing good work for their constituents get voted out of office because they made the grave and terrible mistake of voting with Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, God Forbid.  I hate to editorialize, but this is my blog, so F U, but unless we want Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck running our country in 2012, we better smarten up and stop voting like schizophrenics every other election or that’s going to be our exact reality.  Food for thought, fellow degenerates, food for thought.

On this particular issue, I could give a shit what you degenerates think, so if you’re gonna  email us,, make it about Cam Newton or the Caps or the Zards or anything else sports or betting related, but please, if you disagree…go F yourself!