Weekend Recap 11/22

Posted on November 22, 2010


With the NHL, NBA, and Col BB all in season right now, its a great time of the year for sports fans.  But don’t be mistaken, this time of year is all about football.  Although there weren’t many crucial match ups in the college game this weekend, there were some epic tilts in the NFL with a slew of games decided on the last drive of the game.  Our Terps lost a tough one to Florida St. ending their hopes of an ACC championship, but with a freshman QB leading them to a 7-4 record, their future looks promising.  But right now its time to get CISED for the SKINS!

Redskins 19 Titans 16 –  Just a huge F-ing win for the Skins.  The Titans came in with one of the best offenses in the league statistically and after giving up 59 pts on MNF they held the Tennessee offense to 3 field goals.  Speaking of field goals, we make and miss more of them than any team in the league.  I miss Chip Lohmiller, that dude could drill ’em. Legit, its like once we get across the 30 yard line, Donovan and the boys do whatever they can to not get a first down.  How does McNabb throw for 350 yds and our offense can’t score more than a touchdown? It baffles me.  Doesn’t it seem like whatever fruit is kicking for us at the time just seems to lose games for us lately?  You know when you throw rocks into the ocean and they look like they go nowhere?  That’s what Gano’s kick at the end of regulation felt like as it fell 10 yds short of the upright.  I was pretty depressed at the moment, but not as depressed as I was at the beginning of last summer when I was that guy throwing rocks at the beach.

Then came the most fortunate drive of the season when a million calls went our way and Graham redeemed himself and won the game.  F-ing A Cotton.  Haters – it’s time to get back on the bandwagon – Skins are making a run!

Vince Young – Get that retard in a straight jacket asap before he tries to donk himself off again.  I’ve defended Vinny’s ability to win games in the past but he’s proved once again he’s a skirt mentally, and this time physically too.  After pulling  a  Ned Braden and launching his gear into the stands he ran out of the stadium like a bitch and  probably Xanaxed the shit out of himself at his home, where his mom also lives.  If he’s alive today it will be interesting to see what he says about the ordeal, but we already know what Jeff Fisher thinks about it – Video of Fisher’s Presser right here

Packers 31 Vikings 3 – There is nothing more enjoyable to me than seeing Bret Favre fail.  In the post game press conference, he brought up injuries then claimed to not be making excuses, then gave credit to Greg Jennings.  What about that guy throwing the ball for Green Bay Bret? The dude who threw 4 tds and embarrassed you in hopefully your last game in the NFL?  The dude who took your job and probably has a hammer twice the size of yours?  You know that guy?  Yeah I think he deserves a little credit.  But if he does come back for another game, make sure you pick up the Redskins D for your fantasy squad next week.

Jets 30 Texans 27 – Sanchize is getting Joe Namath ass in New York right now after another clutch performance.  Brian Orakpo is a stud, but we let a franchise QB slip away by not trading up to get Sanchez in the ’09 draft.

Eagles 27 Giants 17 – If there was ever a time I wanted Al-Qaeda to strike again, it was last night in Philadelphia.  Something weird happened though when I was watching the game….I found myself rooting for Michael Vick and the Eagles.  It was like watching gay porn and enjoying it.  As guilty as I feel for saying that, someone had to win that game, and you have to tip your hat to #7, he is an absolute beast.  Don’t be surprised to see Philly vs. New England in the Super Bowl this year.

Other Weekend News…..

I’m sure most of the people reading this Blog caught the new Harry Potter movie this weekend.  And even if you didn’t, how hot is Emma Watson?  10 yrs ago when the first movie came out there wasn’t a hint of grass on the playing field.  There probably still isn’t now, but I picture a nicely Vagazzled silly to go with her dykey new hair cut.  She looks a little more like Justin Bieber now than the chick I would have gone to jail for a couple years ago, but I’d still say she’s a 10.


Leave it to Fox News to air a smutty report like this on the new airport security measures.  Click Here for the full video. Did that guy really say “his hand on the guy’s junk” in what is supposed to be a legitimate newscast?  And does Gloria Allred need to get laid or what.  She’s gotta be pushing 60, but I like her attitude, so sign me up.  Honestly though, what’s the big deal about getting patted down at the airport?  So  a stranger grabs your tits….big deal.  Probably not the first time that’s happened, especially if you’ve ever been to Front Page with C-Murda.  I personally would rather have a hand rub against my balls for 2 seconds in security than have my plane rub against the Sears Tower.  I know we wouldn’t be American if we didn’t bitch about every measure the Government takes to keep us safe, but when it comes to flying, everyone needs to shut the F up.  And by the way, its still easier to get on the subway in DC with a bomb than it is to get into a B-CC football game, so it might be a good idea to toss some metal detectors up one of these days.


Tune back in tomorrow for our last post of the week.  We’ll get all you degenerates Cised for the pro and college games this holiday week.



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