Skins fans throwing blows at each other…..

Posted on November 30, 2010


This is the kind of shit that happens when you have an atrocious offense.  No body cares about the game half way into it, after we have punted or been picked off 18 straight possessions.  Next thing you know, some dweeb wearing Redskins mittens is talking shit to the Clintin Portis jersey because he thinks his tubby friend in the Orakpo jersey  will bail him out, but Orakpo is shit-faced and they both get absolutely pummeled and miss a sack by fat Al!  You are at an immediate disadvantage in life when you’re a pussy, so in a fight when you have mittens on, you’re pretty much f#*cked.   Add to that your big friend needing both his hands to hold onto the seats to support himself before the fight starts, and its just a recipe for C-PO to be the thug that he is and bust some heads.  Def the most exciting thing that happened in FedEx Field on Sunday though.

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