Bowl Hopes on the Line In Week 14

Posted on December 3, 2010


So we have finally, and most unfortunately, reached the apex/summit/pinnacle of college football.  The last regular season matchups intertwined with championship week.  All of those two-a-days, summer weight room hours, late night “study sessions” after a win with that 5’9″ 110 lbs of cutie pie mcgee from your 11 o’clock class you attended once a month and  every perk, illegal or funneled through boosters, is winding down.  For the old heads with no more eligibility to use, your career is most likely ending after senior day, whether you have the credits to graduate or not.  The last cupcakes are in the rear view mirror now, as are ludicrous spreads that favor the gambler; as Bowl games are in clear sight now.  That is unless you are playing the Pirates in the Military Bowl at RFK, then the over is ALWAYS the play. 

Rivalry games cap off a number of regular seasons this week and last night saw a doozy of one.  You can throw out records in rivalry battles, as a lousy year can easily be swayed by playing spoiler to the arch nemesis.  The Territorial Cup on Thursday evening pitted the Arizona State Sun Devils at the Arizona Wildcats.  If you were ignorant enough to pass this game over in lu of the NFL game, I feel for you only semi-deeply.  I made it home from the office just in time for the second half (I was informed that I missed nothing of importance during the first 30 minutes.  Just a 6-0 score).  ASU went ahead late in the fourth before allowing a potential game winning td drive occur with under a minute to play.  They blocked the pat and forced ot. In double, double over, over time, the same player blocked yet another pat.  This time for the win, 30-29.  He is now the fith most famous ASU football player behind Pat Tillman, Jake “the snake” Plummer, Rod Tidwell and Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice guy.  Sun Devils cover and have the Pac-10 conference’s backing for a bowl eligibility waiver. 

As fireworks consumed the final stanza, I was caught up in the debate regarding whether the NCAA should accept the waiver filed by ASU with only 6 wins.  Two of which were 1-AA (I still utterly refuse to acknowledge the new system of FBS and FCS), meaning only 5 counted wins for Bowl consideration.  The pro argument is that they lost at Wisconsin, at USC and vs Stanford by a combined 6 points.  Add in the Oregon and Oregon St. losses by combined 14 and you have a very competitive ball club.  But does competitive warrant special treatment?  After all they still didn’t win those games.  I went back and forth trying to talk myself into their appearance in some queef bowl over a possibly more deserving non-AQ squad.  I love when struggling programs eek out a .500 record to qualify for post season action.  Take for example a horrendous Wyoming team a few years back.  They had an 11 year absence and ended up beating a UCLA team in the ’04 Las Vegas Bowl.  Turned the program on its head  Or how about an Idaho Vandals 10 year hiatus and arguably the most dramatic bowl win last season vs BGSU by one on a last second TD pass, 43-42.  Would I rather see a team from the top heavy Pac-10 play tough or an upstart group of nobody’s?  In the end football is football and I trust the football Gods to deliver, as they always do.  Yet deep inside I couldn’t help but silently, ever so subtly lean towards the waiver being accepted.  If only to have the cameras pann the crowd and show those lovely co-eds from Tempe.  Sure would beat the pasty white females from some New England school that has been in the throws of winter for weeks already.

Now on to our picks for the week.  Ohio Bobcats fans need not apply.  Were Cised for the following action:

-UNI -18 vs. Miami (OH)- (This is where I had Ohio covering vs. UNI in the MAC championship.  Ooops!  Phenomenal turnaround year for the Red Hawks after going 1-11, but in the end there is just too much firepower on the Huskies side).
-SMU at UCF OVER 55 (Just don’t see a defensive, low scoring game for the C-USA title in Orlando)
-Boise St. -38 and the OVER 61.5 (Broncos take all of their frustration out on the Aggies at home on senior day)
-Oregon -16.5 vs Oregon St. (Nothing civil about the way Oregon treats opponents or scoreboards this year.  Ducks!)
-UCONN +1.5 at USF (Todman, Todman and more Todman.  That’s what you’ll see all game long vs a Bulls team giving up over 150 ypg rushing the last 3 weeks.  That paired with the QB dilemma, starter is gimpy so walk-on true freshmen will see action, will allow the Huskies to win and in for a BCS Bowl)
-Nevada -9 at La Tech (Hangover will keep game close early,but Wolfpack are just plain old better then the SJSU team that put up 38 on the Bulldogs)
Hawaii -34.5 and OVER 64.5 vs UNLV (UNLV is no better then New Mexico State who the Warriors trounced 59-24 previously)
Oklahoma vs Nebraska UNDER 54 (Defense is the name of the game between these two bitter rivals.  Blackshirts contain Sooners attack just enough, while the Cornhuskers inept Offense vs quality opponents continues)

Sorry Cougar fans, you're not on the Sun Devils' level yet. Although, many a 'Devil alum becomes a cougar

If you are looking for some confidence in a singular game, all of us here at Cised are jumping on board the Wazzu bandwagon in the Apple Cup.  Washington +6 vs Washington.  I have never been too impressed with this Locker character.  He is still a perennial loser.  Granted he led a solid game winning drive last week at Cal 16-13, but when your team is 100th in the nation in points per game, I blame the field general.  Wazzu at home covers.

If you are feelin’  a tad bit frisky, slash I’m addicted and want to bet on every game, these are our thoughts:
Pitt +2 at Cincy
WVU -20.5 vs Rutgers
Fresno St. +5.5 vs Illinois
SJSU at Idaho OVER 56
Troy-5 at FAU
S Carolina +6 vs Auburn
FIU -5 vs MTSU
USC -6.5 at UCLA
FSU vs V Tech OVER 52.5

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