R.I.P. To The Mill

Posted on February 16, 2011


As some of you may already be aware, one of Adams Morgan’s favorite establishments to get blackout has been black-balled from existence recently.  And we are by no means Cised.  I can’t count the number of times I have spent there with my people’s acting as foolish as can be.  I know those Jersey Shore lunatics think they “get after it,” and in truth I do love that show, but they have nothing on what transpires at The Mill after dark. 

Some of my fondest memories have occurred on that hollowed ground at the top of 18th street.  From as recently as this past Halloween when the patio provided the most opportune people watching position, to my boy exposing his testicles out of his fly and then walking around introducing himself to people without anyone the wiser (it was a real life Varsity Blues moment-“WAngers on the glass at the Elana Club? ah-ah, no good”), to the Dude Where’s My Car morning after when me and a buddy had to spend the entire day looking for his truck because neither one of us was able to remember the night(straight Memento style to find it hours later), to any other time you could just walk up to a girl and have them go home with you like that.  It was a right of passage that will soon not be forgotten.  Anyone that has visited it is aware of its transcendent powers and has a story to match, good or bad.  So in honor of this fine watering hole we show our appreciation in the best way we can.  A quickly thrown together post with a funny ass clip.  Thanks to my boy who sent it to me.

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