BJC And C-Murda Get Cised for Aaron Sorkin

Posted on March 2, 2011


Knowing our fellow degenerate readers as I do, I’m sure you were all gathered around the television Sunday night yelling and screaming at the set.  And no, not at Jordan Williams missing chippy layups (again) or Lebron throwing over-the-head-no-look passes, but at the 83rd annual Academy Awards.  I get Cised for the Oscars.  This year the Social Network and The King’s Speech went head to head, with The King Speech coming out on top in the major awards for directing, lead actor and Motion Picture.  However, the only award I was Cised to see was the award for Best Adapted Screen Play, and my boy, Aaron Sorkin, came home with that shit for The Social Network.  C and myself both LOVE Aaron Sorkin.  Best known for the West Wing (greatest show ever), he has also put out other gems like Sports Night and Studio 60.  He also wrote the original Broadway play for A Few Good Men and the movie screenplay, The American President and Charlie Wilson’s War.  One of the most brilliant writers of our time was finally given the award which solidifies his greatness.  I was hoping he’d take the Michael Jordan approach of “none of you helped me get here so I did it on my own” in his acceptance speech, but went the classy route instead.  They don’t make TV like The West Wing and Studio 60 anymore, so if you’ve never seen his work, get on that shit ASAP!  When you are a Sorkin geek, like me, and you watch something he’s done, it feels like being in the know of an inside joke.  It’s a hard feeling to describe, but it’s one that everyone should experience.  “Act as if ye has faith and faith shall be given to you…In other words, fake it til you make.”  Truer words were never spoken.  Big ups Aaron Sorkin, big ups.

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