CHALK It Up To The NCAA To F@#K Up My Bracket

Posted on March 16, 2011


Hallelujah, my fellow degenerates, it’s that time of year again.  The wonderful time where work productivity plummets to a level of a failed GED candidate, billions in man hours throughout all walks of life are consumed and wasted on PhD level research in filling out those NCAA tourney brackets and watching countless hours of basketball on our office computers (sorry Murda. No job and no computer = ESPN2 bottom line updates).  Degenerates paradise, and I’m Cised.  Office pools, friend pools, suicide pools, pools of drool, games all day long and my girlfriend’s out of the country, Jesus I’m Cised!  And full tilt, balls deep, truly unholy betting, I’m getting wet just thinking about it; and yes, I’m still fully Cised.

Are you sensing a big hairy “But” coming?  Correct, degenerates.  This field of 68 now includes multiple play-in games, starting Tuesday night, which throws a wrench into the works.  The play-in game used to have two nubbs teams squaring off in a game that nobody gives a shit about, because the winner was 100% going to get their shit pushed in by the tournament overall number one seed the following day, therefore not screwing up my bracket selections.

Now, not all play-in game winners are playing number one seeds, and a few aren’t as nubbs as usual (i.e. VCU and Clemson as shown last night).  If VCU wins, I’d take them beating Georgetown, an eight seed, in the first round (sorry Beth).  I wouldn’t, however, take USC over Georgetown.  Usually, with the play-ins, it’s meaningless, pure chalk.  Not this time, ladies.  Since 90% of pools are done online these days, the big web sites running the pools are allowing brackets to be turned in as late as the normal, Thursday morning, right before the actual big dance kicks off.  But if you’re like me and aren’t going to just chalk it up like usual, you’re not going to have gotten a lot of sleep Monday night.  I mean there is only one answser key.  Food for thought, degenerates, food for thought.

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