Debbie Yow LOVES MikeHunt

Posted on April 7, 2011



Our former favorite female athletic director from the great University of Maryland, Debbie Yow, has now made my list of people that I wish actual bodily harm to.  And I’m not talking about tripping and skinning her knee.  I’m talking about getting shot, stabbed, thrown from a moving car off a cliff on to jagged rocks and left for dead with flesh eating vultures circling overhead.  Give her the demise of any sub-par plot to a SyFy chanel movie.  Death by hungry hungry hippos or mutated piranhas.  I want her praying to be at the gentler likes of Rikers, Sing Sing, San Quentin, shit, Fox River even.  Irregardless of how it actually happens, I want that shit to happen.

Quick background for those of you reading this who have no idea who Debbie Yow is (i.e. Krissy, Mel, Henrik, etc.).  Snatch cow Yow was the athletic director at Maryland for more than a decade, and was a big proponent for title 9 and non-revenue generating sports, and was great at balancing the budget. Good for her, but in all reality, BFD!  She hired The Fridge (although it’s rumored that he was essentially selected by alumnus Boomer Esiason), but made a side deal for James Franklin as the “coach in waiting”, which is one reason why he is now walking the sidelines at Vanderbilt.  She was NOT the AD when Gary Williams (praise his glory and praise his name) was hired, and this never sat well with this dumb trick ass ho.

Fast forward to 2001: Maryland reaches the Final Four and got whored out of a National Championship by Duke-loving-referees.  2002: Maryland Wins the National Championship, first time in school history which a decade earlier was under penalties from the NC double assholes for numerous violations, and who was still recovering from the shocking death of Len Bias (peace and blessings be upon his name).  Ca Caw #34

It would be natural to assume that with all this success, the basketball team would be her top priority.  That she would make available all of the University’s considerable resources to Gary, and firmly stand behind her man, seeing how College Park is one hundred percent a basketball school in a basketball conference in a basketball market.  Wrong.  She poured millions into her hire, Ralf Fridgeon and the football team, and treated Gary like some red-headed leper of a step child who should be beaten and then ignored.  I swear that weirdo who was about to attend RISDy, Todd, was treated better by the Sack and his father, Secretary Cleary.  Apparently, winning is supposed to come as easy as Charlie Sheen claims, and not by fostering the right environment, paying dues or being fiscally relevant to your counterparts/opponents.  So while team Williams trudged on in name alone, the rest of the athletic department was granted future fiscal solvency.

The gridiron Terrapins did begin to prosper at first, capturing an ACC crown, but even that didn’t last long.  Now I am not opposed to funneling big monies to football programs.  Not at all actually.  Every fan and school is acutely aware that football and basketball are their meal tickets.  They generate enough revenue to satisfy the budget.  All I am saying is that revenue sharing the Debbie Yow way is in turn biting the hand that feeds you.  Or better yet, starving your thoroughbred while expecting similar results.  In essence, she asked Gary to go down on her and when he rightfully declined, she went ape.  It is common knowledge that these two weren’t on the same Silent Library team, that they never shot a double mint gum commercial.  Yow was none too keen on the man that lead our Terps to the promised land.  He was the Crusade.  The Knights Templar.  All G-Dubb requested was that which he rightfully deserved: Jerusalem.  Yow-seres Mcgee was on a whore-nother page, the Saladin one.  Eventually being a huge bitch with an ego that barely fit into the Comcast Center will catch up with you and when she finally bounced, her fake ass empire collapsed and the walls came tumbling down.  UMD football played slalom in the ACC with house money, all the while the hoops squad was no better than the Fresh Prince when he shot b-ball outside the school.

Then the IT moment bequeefed itself and Yow-less went down tobacco road to the Nubbs Carolina school, NC State.  She left both teams in peril.  The fan-base may have chosen to support Garyland, but that was roughly one of only too few victories.  And by this coach in waiting nonsense, she created friction and unnecessary pressures on the football coaching staff, which in the end literally cost more then it should have.  Between the buyouts, lack of initial support and little perseverance throughout, Yow scuttled Testudo.  Although neither publicly stereotypically Served each other in the entire Land Before Time they considered, it was less than Diamondback news that the aforementioned, non-affable connection boiled over.  So when this broad attempts to drop junt junt on my boy, it is CISED’S RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION to call a spade a spade. Why she chose to name drop in front of an obvious ACC reporter, or even finally admit College Park was “no walk in the park Kazansky”, I have zippy clue.  Either way this broad went out of her way to play hater.  What possible good can come from sounding off with a little too much emotion and beating a dead horse subject matter?

Once at State, she was also reaching for the stars when she began the selection process for a new ball coach.  It was finally her turn to select the man to run the hardwood.  She forced Sidney Lowe to resign early (maybe justifiable for his wearing of red blazers on the sidelines and winning like 20 total ACC games in like 7 years) and in turn was shot down numerous times with multiple alleged candidates in Rick Barnes, Sean Miller (an old assistant for the Wolfpack) and the Texas A&M coach.  Fancy that.  Why would they leave good jobs for less money and a huge MikeHunt as a boss?  Then Shaka from VCU was Smart enough to let them be a “TE IN THE WIND.”  Was it “sabotage” or just gut feeling or judgment on their part?  We shall never know.  Either way, it is fact that Maryland does need help to regain national prominence.  However, NC State is eons further away then us.  Soooooooooo forget that broad and let her falter to the nonsense that is the worst Mike “Situation” Sorrintino roast appearance.  I just hope when they visit Comcast, we introduce the lineup with a big F-U and play a classic.

In addition to her being a whore-bag, she totally F’d her new coach at his introductory presser.  The big story was that she called out Gary, but it went unnoticed that she basically threw her new coach straight under the bus before he even started.  By accusing Gary of sabotaging her hiring process, she was insinuating that her new coach sucks, but that it isn’t her fault that she couldn’t land a big silly because of Gary.  Cowboy up, Froken Yow, take heed of your new position at State, and stick to what you’re good at: Blowing college presidents and building field hockey stadiums.

C-Murda editorial-Oh and if we want to attack her (that is Yow-Sers) as a human being or try and take away her credibility as a decision maker, here is some non-relevent personal information (it’s how I fight, mutherf***in dirty): She had planned to continue playing basketball, as she had in high school, but “dropped” out of college because of poor grades.  Guess which school? The grand ‘ole purple and gold ECU, so she was actually kicked out before the season ever started!  She said, “I spent too much time partying, and my grades reflected it…  We were very anti-establishment. I did recreational drugs back then like everyone else.”  Admitted to drug use publicly!  Yow then moved to California, but returned home after she ran out of money.  Typical female.  She then attended Elon, where she played basketball and at the age of 22, she had an abortion.  That’s poor decision making for our right wing readers (namely “ca caw”).  Yow then married and later divorced the head coach at the University of Washington.  Going for a D-1 head guy, gold digging! Then re-married some tool from Oral (sex) Roberts……… Ok fine, it reads like the life story of a B-CC HS graduate in 2002, but whatever.  Still semi relevent if we word it correctly.

This piece was co-authored by BJC and C-Murda due to the fact that we equally hate this stupid bitch.  I feel like this is pulitzer material, but I’m currently to blinded by hatred to look at it objectively.

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