A hot chick once told me that if our day job was working in sports betting, it would be like having crackheads working at a crack factory…So this is our solution.

We are three DC natives who may or may not place the occasional sports bet.  We also may or may not be MONEY when it comes to betting, so, make plays at your own risk.

In addition, we three manage to constantly get ourselves into ridiculous, compromising and often embarrassing situations which we will relay onto you, dear readers.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about our adventures in life and gambling as much as we enjoy living them.

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  1. wow, i’m so impressed. you guys are fantastic writers. but best of all is the fact that you are truly exemplary degenerates. you are among only a handful of people in the world that truly walk the walk. living the change you want to see in the world. just like Ghandi said. i have no doubts that he is smiling down on you three. you are the trinity of degenerinity (undefined).
    with such rapist wit and charm, not to mention leveling in at 70%, you guys probably don’t need any ego boosting, but i want to say that i have nothing but love and respect for you proud few who show little of either to anyone or anything. i am f-ing cised to say that you c-smokers once piled garbage on my head when i was passed out and then documented it for all the world to see. i can’t wait to tell my son all about this and other such events in our histories in hopes that one day he could grow up to be a degenerate, too. thank you for supplying a steady stream of senseless fodder for the future and hope of the world we live in: the children. you really have no idea how much your blog means to me. i have even thought about getting into gambling. got any lines of curling the OUFA (Ontario Ultimate Frisbee Association)?

    • Graham, if that’s the only story you’re gonna tell the little whipper snapper about our drunken exploits, uncle joey might have to trek up to Canada and tell him all about his Daddy’s degenerate(and redneck) past.(a little ben folds for nostalgia sake.) I’m Cised for you that you have the internet up there dude, I thought you were living off the land and making your own clothes and shit. I didn’t realize that your igloo had an internet hook-up, well done. Keep the comments coming, bro. It’s always good to hear from you.

  2. what i meant was “lines on curling or OUFA”
    sorry i think i should brush up on my ‘mercan


  3. Your biggest fan.

    December 18, 2010

    Hey guys,

    I understand that you’re attempting to capitalize on the Tucker Max genre of writing, which is such a valiant pursuit, but I thought I should offer some commentary to balance the minimal amount of “praise” that you have received. The message that this blog broadcasts, crass and unfounded degradation and objectification of women along with the glorification of alcoholism and gambling, is neither impressive, original or remotely entertaining. It simply provides some insight into the pathetic lives of shallow, unintelligent, and aimless losers. Furthermore, it undermines and defies the position of an individual who works with children…

    Anyways, all the best enjoying the remainder of your lives where the pinnacle of fulfillment will be meaningless sexual encounters with overweight, insecure women and the loss of any “assets” to fruitless gambling 🙂


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